Florida Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Project. A multi-tiered system of supports.

Become a PWPBS Site


How to Become a PWPBS Trained Child Care Provider

Getting Informed

New to PWPBS? Learn about PWPBS training.

New to the Pyramid Model? Learn about the Pyramid Model.

Who Can Apply?

Early childcare centers and family childcare homes with at least one of the following:

Getting Started

Stage 1

Stage 1: Submitting the Forms


Leadership Team

Choosing Your Leadership Team and Team Responsibilities

The Leadership Team is a group of professionals that represents the program and promotes the implementation of Program-wide Positive Behavior Support. The team meets on a regular basis to discuss program needs and progress, provides coaching and acknowledgement to the teaching staff, and makes data-based decisions to promote program success.

Persons chosen to the leadership team are: the director, assistant director, teacher, behavior specialist, curriculum coordinator, therapist, community T/TA provider, teaching assistant, office assistant, and/or any other staff personnel who would be able to contribute.

Leadership Team Activities

  1. Hold regular monthly on-site meetings (this can be part of regularly scheduled staff meetings)

  2. Monitor and support implementation and outcomes:  Benchmarks of Quality

  3. Plan and implement professional development activities

  4. Facilitate staff participation in monthly make-and-takes

  5. Create system of support for addressing behavior issues

  6. Maintain communication with staff and USF PWPBS coaches

  7. Track data and evaluate progress and make data-based decisions

  8. Communicate with and involve families in PWPBS

  9. Provide incentives and acknowledgement

  10. Facilitate implementation of NIC requirements as needed

Additional Activities

Team Member Roles

Anybody on the team can play one or more of the following roles: 

If you have questions about the PWPBS Leadership Team, please contact Rochelle Lentini at 813-974-1455 or lentini@usf.edu.


Stage 2

Stage 2: Getting a Site Visit

If you are selected:

Your leadership team will need to schedule a meeting with early childcare program staff to explain the potential project and establish a minimum of 80% staff buy-in vote after your staff has viewed the CSEFEL video.  PWPBS will supply the ballet; staff should anonymously vote.

During the site visit:


Selection: Making the Final Cut

Applications will be reviewed in a cohort model reflective of current capacity and to facilitate a Peer Learning Community.  Preference may be given to under-served or prioritized geographic areas within Hillsborough County.  Sites will be selected to participate in PWPBS after:

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Funded by

Children's Board of Hillsborough County