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The Pyramid ModelWhat We Do

PWPBS was established in Hillsborough County in 2006.  PWPBS provides training, technical assistance, and coaching to selected programs in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a program-wide model of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) for young children.  The goal of PWPBS is to collaborate with the early childhood programs’ leadership teams and assist them in adopting, implementing, and sustaining a systematic approach to promoting young children’s social competence and addressing challenging behavior.  This program-wide PBS approach focuses on building the capacity of early childhood program staff and families in promoting the social and emotional development and school readiness of children in their programs.

PWPBS has three goals:

  1. Young children who are at-risk and/or have special needs have access to the best quality child care that maximizes their potential for school readiness.

  2. Child Care Providers have access to supports to create and maintain intentional inclusion practices, including social-emotional supports, within their child care programs.

  3. Hillsborough County increases its capacity among child care providers to serve families with young children who require intentional social-emotional and inclusion practices.

PWPBS offers supports to help child care providers provide inclusive child care supports, so children may reach their full potential.

  1. PWPBS Coaching and Training:  We offer off-site and on-site training to provide early education and care practitioners with additional teaching tools to support children with unique needs.

  2. PWPBS Leadership Team Support:  Site-base leadership teams receive monthly consultation and coaching on data-based decisions in supporting the Pyramid Model to promote successful inclusion practices and social-emotional competence of all children.


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